Code of ethics

Miroglio S.p.A., to best represent an entrepreneurial tradition that was built upon family values and to tangibly prove that it interprets its mission through an accountability policy based on ethical values, considered it appropriate to summarise in a Group Code of Ethics a series of ethical principles and rules of conduct that must inspire its activities and those of its subsidiaries, aimed at disseminating a solid ethical integrity and a business culture sensitive to compliance with the laws in force in Italy and in the various countries where it operates.

Miroglio S.p.A. is determined to ensure the utmost fairness in conducting its business also to protect its image and reputation as well as that of the whole Group. It has elected to comply, jointly with the companies Miroglio Fashion S.r.l. and Miroglio Textile S.r.l., with the requirements of Law Decree 8 June 2001, no. 231 (“Governing the administrative liability of legal persons, companies and associations even without legal personality, pursuant to Article 11 of Law 29 September 2000, no. 300″), legislation which introduced into Italian law the administrative liability of the company upon occurrence of a number of offences committed by persons who, within the company, cover roles of representation, administration or management or by individuals who are managed or supervised by the same.

Miroglio S.p.A deemed it necessary to implement by each Group Company, both internally and in relations with third parties, a set of rules of conduct designed to spread, at all company levels, a solid ethical integrity and a strong compliance with the laws, on the assumption that clearly spelling out the fundamental values each is inspired by in achieving its business goals, is crucial to the proper conduct of its business and is a valid support of the organisational, management and control Model that each is asked to implement under and for the purposes of the Decree.

Accordingly, the Code of Ethics was approved by the administrative body of each Group company, that undertakes to ensure the widest possible dissemination on the assumption that its compliance constitutes a prerequisite for proper operation of the Group, to protect its reliability and reputation and for ever greater customer satisfaction, factors that contribute together to the current and future success and development of the Miroglio Group.

Corporate data

Miroglio Fashion S.r.l.
Via Santa Barbara 11, 12051, Alba (CN) ITALIA
Numero Verde: 800 01 6608
Registered Office: Via Santa Margherita 23, 12051, Alba (CN) ITALIA
Share capital: Euro 85.000.000 i.v, Nr. R.E.A. CN-273688
Tax ID - P.I. IT 03232400048
Sole shareholder and under the direction and coordination of Miroglio S.p.A.

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